Serving families in Southern California
during their time of loss with affordable
cremation services and a caring staff.


Oceanside, CA is a family owned and operated cremation service serving individuals and families in Oceanside, CA. We know that during this difficult time of loss it can be hard to plan for funerals or cremations. That is why we make the planning process as simple and convenient as possible. With our online cremation service, you can order cremation arrangements online from the comfort of home. Get the trusted help you need from our caring staff after the loss of a loved one.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose, you can feel confident knowing that we will attend to your needs from start to finish. Our cremation services are confidential and private so you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your details are secured. When you need alternatives other than a traditional burial, you can turn to for assistance. We will explain the cremation cost involved as well as what to expect from the process.

The Simple End-of-Life Solution

Cremation is a simple end of life solution that many families are selecting over traditional burials.The entire cremation process can be planned from the comfort of home. We are here to help 24 hours a day and we will answer any questions you may have during the planning process.

When it comes to selecting the best end of life option for your departed loved one, cremation is a cost effective choice. Cremation costs are typically much lower than casket and funeral options. Let us help you choose just the right cremation package to suit your needs.

Contact Us

Contact for more information about our cremation services by calling us at 1(800) 922-7773 today.

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